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Lulav ([lu’lav]; Hebrew: לולב‎) is a closed frond of the date palm tree.


Etrog (Hebrew: אֶתְרוֹג , plural: etrogim) is the yellow citron or Citrus medica


Hadass (Hebrew: הדס, pl. hadassim – הדסים) is a branch of the myrtle tree


Aravah (Hebrew: ערבה‎, pl. aravot – ערבות) is a leafy branch of the willow tree

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Where do our Arba Minim come from ?

"Every item is thoroughly examined at all points"

Everyone has their own personal customs and preferences. Whether you say Esrog or Etrog, use a Basket or handmade lulav rings, we are here to facilitate your preference in the best way possible.

Items have been hand selected from Calabria, Italy, all over Israel, and from the United States.

In full disclosure we can inform you where your item has come from so that you can best select your Minim.

Remember all sets are put together in Melbourne, Australia.






Testimonials from our customers.

I’ve always gone to Rabbi Ash for my Lulav & Esrog. Every year you can guarantee you’ll receive the best quality in Melbourne from an honest individual. His family run a fantastic service, making the lulavim up by hand for customers and helping you to choose the best value for money when it comes to esrogim. Recommended 100%

Rabbi Anonymous

Love going to Rabbi Ash every year for the customary Lulav and Etrog purchase. His loyalty to his customers is unparalleled and not only is his product quality, but service is as well! Looking forward to this years purchase…


Not much of a Etrog or Lulav expert? Neither am I, which is why I’ll always choose Rabbi Ash who picks a perfect etrog for me and also binds the Lulav together for me too! The only service in Melbourne that will put together your lulav if you don’t know how… very trusting people who make purchasing easy and breezy.


Melbourne’s favourite Rabbi and also the best for Esrogim and Lulavim. Rabbi Smith as the shoppers assistant is good value too, good shopping experience at the Ash household each year.


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